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Stage 1 – Project Assessment

We organize a suitable time to come out and discuss your Proposed Project

We run through a number of basic questions so we can understand your expectations from a Builder.

We also discuss ideal start dates & budget at an early stage.

G-Lux Builders works closely with several architects and designers who are all specialist in their own fields.

We can nominate the right design partner to work with you.

Stage 2 – Concept Design and Sketch

We’ll introduce you to your nominated architect or designer and schedule a meeting.

In the background we’ll be organizing all the relevant reports and documents to enable the architect or designer to provide you with a concept design.

Stage 3 – Town Planning and Cost Estimate

Preparation of documentation to obtain a planning permit.

Provide any addition reports that may be required by council.

Provide a cost estimate for the Project.

Stage 4 – Building Permit and Formal Quotation

Once planning approval has been obtained we proceed to produce the following documentation to obtain the Building Permit. Some of these documents include: Construction Drawings, Engineering etc.

We will then provide a fully detailed quotation for the Project

Stage 5 – Contract Signing

Once you the client accepts our formal quotation, it’s time to complete the Building Contract,

We can then determine a construction date and then building can commence!!

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